Kafta Cake

Kafta Cake

with Jasmine Rice

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Are you wondering how to make Kafta "kid-friendly"? Follow Sarah in this recipe and learn how to use the oats to make a specific kafta from scratch (not from the butchery - our way is better) and at home. You will learn how Kafta can be that much tasty, and you will love how your kid will demand it again!

    35 mins Meditteranean 429 Kcal

    Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition facts per 1 serving

    Calories 429 Kcal
    Calories from Fat 9 Kcal
    Cholesterol 0 mg
    Dietary Fiber 7 g
    Energy 1805 Kj
    Protein 11 g
    Saturated Fat 0 g
    Sodium 47 mg
    Sugar 11 g
    Total Carbohydrates 98 g
    Total Fat 1 g
    Malssa Beef 400 g
    Parsley 100 g
    Yellow Onion 2 Unit
    Tomato 2 Unit
    Potatoes 200 g
    Black Pepper 0.5 Teaspoon
    Paprika 0.5 Teaspoon
    tomato purée 1 Cup
    Green Bell Pepper 1 Unit
    Jasmine Rice 0.75 Cup
    Oat 2 Tablespoon
    Seven Spices 0.5 Teaspoon
    Vermicelli 0.5 Cup
    • Pot
    • Baking Pan
    • Mixing Bowl
    • Knife
    • Cutting board