The coolest experience I had so far! Creative and easy concept, Konchef is the key to a delicious meal

—Aya H., Foodie and Influencer

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Received the box with instructions, 20 mins and I got a great dinner for my husband and I.  Extremely simple and efficient. Will always order from konchef.


Ghalia. F


konchef is my life savior, it taught me how to cook in a very simple way when I thought I could never do it! Easy and fast! Thank you for bringing out the chef in Me

Sally Bou N.


Highly recommend if you want to upgrade to a healthy lifestyle without hassle. All is simple and you can become a great chef. Couldn't really be better!

Fatima N., 


The perfect way to cook a creative meal!

—Tracy D., Manager

Congratulation on this great idea! Cooked the recipe with my family and we enjoyed a lot. Not only for the cooking, but also it's a great way for children to chill inside at home and learn about cooking! Highly recommended.

— Dr Bilal S., Professor 

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