You choose your recipe from our open menu! Nothing can stop you from cooking what you wish!

Choose your recipe from our chefs’ curated menu 

Happiness is homemade, and we’re here to help you create it! Do you want to learn a new method or recreate your all-time favourite meal? Just browse through a selection of restaurant-quality recipes without the hassle of grocery shopping, and enjoy the same chef-quality meals! The only difference is, you get to call the shots! This is your kitchen, your rules, and your touch!

Get fresh and well stored ingredients in a meal-kit to your doorstep

Your Konchef assistants garner the freshest groceries and farmers’ produce ready to make their way to your kitchen. In the meantime, put on your favorite apron on and get ready to whip up something incredible!

    We deliver the box with all needed fresh pre-measured ingredients with cooking instructions

You cook and enjoy a healthy meal with you beloved ones!

Get fresh and well Cook tasty, healthy and restaurant-quality meals in less than 30 minutes 

We are sure that you are guessing about this mystery person is. Well, we of course mean you!, You will be surprised by your skills once you have the proper instructions and the best ingredients, with your Konchef meal-kit.