Salmon En Papillote

Salmon En Papillote

with Couscous, Asparagus, and Chive Sauce

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It doesn’t matter if you can pronounce en papillote; the appeal of this classic French technique is easy to understand. When you wrap salmon fillets in foil, then cook them in the oven (or on the grill), they basically roast in their own juices, locking in flavor and moisture throughout. In this recipe, they’re finished with a drizzle of herb sauce and served next to asparagus and couscous. Basically, it’s an equation for timeless, classic deliciousness.

    30 mins French 594 Kcal

    Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition facts per 1 serving

    Calories 594 Kcal
    Calories from Fat 186 Kcal
    Cholesterol 82 mg
    Dietary Fiber 7 g
    Energy 3589 Kj
    Protein 47 g
    Saturated Fat 3 g
    Sodium 148 mg
    Sugar 5 g
    Total Carbohydrates 54 g
    Total Fat 20 g
    Yellow Onion 1 Unit
    Lemon 1 Unit
    Asparagus 240 g
    Chives 10 g
    Tarragon 10 g
    Salmon 360 g
    Olive Oil 5 Teaspoon
    Couscous 0.5 Cup
    • Aluminium Foil
    • Baking Sheet
    • Zester
    • Knife
    • Baking Pan