Juicy Lucy Burger

Juicy Lucy Burger

with Tomato-Onion Jam and Arugula Salad

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The Juicy Lucy burger is one that takes you by surprise. It looks unassuming from the outside, but hidden deep in its patty is a core of molten cheese just waiting to gush out. Get your napkins ready, and make sure to have the side spring salad at the ready for cleansing your palate in between bites of cheddar-filled, beefy decadence.

    45 mins American 981 Kcal

    Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition facts per 1 serving

    Calories 981 Kcal
    Calories from Fat 639 Kcal
    Cholesterol 245 mg
    Dietary Fiber 3 g
    Energy 4106 Kj
    Protein 40 g
    Saturated Fat 29 g
    Sodium 803 mg
    Sugar 14 g
    Total Carbohydrates 42 g
    Total Fat 70 g
    Ground Beef 300 g
    Shredded Cheddar Cheese 0.5 Cup
    Tomato 1 Unit
    Red Onion 1 Unit
    Balsamic Vinegar 2 Tablespoon
    Ketchup 2 Tablespoon
    Garlic 2 Clove
    Vegetable Oil 4 Teaspoon
    Sugar 1 Teaspoon
    Brioche Buns 2 Unit
    Mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon
    Arugula 60 g
    • Aluminium foil
    • Large Pan
    • Paper Towel
    • Baking Sheet
    • Small Bowl
    • Knife
    • Cutting board
    • Stirring Spoon